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Tremblement de terre (Earthquake)

Tremblement de Terre

Created by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - an extraordinarily strong mix that can also ruin both ingredients. Try a lower alcohol absinthe such as a Swiss La Bleue or Pernot White Fairy.

- half absinthe
- half cognac (don't use the Louis XIII - in fact a rustic Armagnac can be a better choice)

Dose both half volumes according to mood and combine in a brandy snifter. Swirl well to avoid eye-tearing. An ice cube and a splash of water will be a welcome addition.

Alternatively, recent research has shown that this cocktail benefits by being prepared in an absinthe glass and dosed with cold water, as one would prepare a traditional absinthe. Quite drinkable!

Photography by Stone Aperture Photography

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