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Absinthe Glasses With Absinthe

We at Absinthe Online have always been committed to providing total satisfaction to our customers. We have been fortunate enough to have sampled vintage absinthes and we know that the best examples of these are fantastically complex and subtle. We decided from the outset that we were only interested in selling absinthe made by distilling traditional plants, in the exact same fashion as the best of the old absinthe producers.

Our commitment didn't stop with our selection of products and we always wanted to provide best service possible. That was no longer possible and that is why we've decided that only the very best company can take over our customers and continue providing the impeccable service.

That is why we've approached Absinthe Original. As the UK's leading importers and distributors of premium distilled absinthe, and the world's largest volume shipper of premium wormwood absinthe, they use only the fastest, most secure methods of discreet shipping. Each brand of absinthe that they sell has been chosen and tasted by the directors' themselves, their proud boast is that they wouldn't stock any product that they wouldn't drink themselves, something to consider when comparing with other sites!