Liqueur de Violette (Violet Liqueur)

Liqueur de Violette (Violet Liqueur)

Liqueur de Violette (Violet Liqueur)

Producer: Emile Pernot


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50cl 25% abv (50 proof)

A rare purple liqueur with the scent of violets used primarily for exotic cocktails, seldom seen outside of its native France. Our violet liqueur is obtained from maceration of flowers selected for their great aromatic virtues with top quality alcohol and sugar syrup.

The violet liqueur can be drunk with or without ice. It can also be used in cocktails:


Gin 1.3 oz
Lemon juice 0.7 oz
Maraschino 0.7 oz
Violet liqueur 1 tea spoon

Shake ingredients together in a Boston shaker, serve in a cocktail glass

Customer Reviews

  Makes a lovely martini !   If you have adventurous taste buds- this is for you! 2 parts Vanilla Infused vodka to 2 parts Liqueur de Violette & a splash of Grand Marinier. Well Chilled! A summer breeze! I call it Violet"s Eden.   Lyn - New Jersey, USA

Watch a cocktail being prepared with Liqueur de Violette

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