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Jade 1901 absinthe 70cl

Jade 1901 absinthe 70cl

Jade 1901 absinthe 70cl

Producer: Jade Combier


Price (ex VAT at 20%) 58.33 (70.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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70cl 68% abv (136 proof)

Silver Medal Winner at the 2007 London IWSC

Jade 1901 is a tribute to what is the best known and most widely sampled pre-ban absinthe. Pernod Fils. Jade1901 takes its name from the year in which the original Pernod Fils distillery in Pontarlier caught fire. When the distillery was rebuilt and repaired, out-dated alembics were replaced by the most modern equipment of the time. The old alembics were either destroyed by the fire and sold for scrap or sold off to smaller distilleries. The Combier Distillery purchased two of these 1100 liter stills and installed them along with the 8 smaller stills which had been a part of the distillery since 1894.

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In warm weather the pressure of alcohol vapour may cause the cork to rise in the bottle and crack the wax seal. This in no way harms the contents of the bottle.

Customer Reviews

  Excellent absinthe, immaculately shipped  Relatively new to absinthe but of the three I've tried this is by far the best, no one taste overwhelms. A complex drink where in my limited experience the most authentic tasting absinthe does cost that little bit more. Shipping and communication were second to none. Fantastic purchase all round.   (09/08/2017) Ian Paterson - Fife

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