HSE Rhum Très Vieux VSOP

HSE Rhum Trs Vieux VSOP

HSE Rhum Très Vieux VSOP

Producer: Rhums Saint-Etienne


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70cl 45% abv (90 proof)

2009 - Silver Medal Winner at the Paris Concours Général Agricole
2007 - Gold Medal Winner at the Brussels World Competition
2006 - Gold Medal Winner at the Paris Concours Général Agricole
2006 - Bronze Medal Winner at the London International Wine and Spirit Competition

Saint-Etienne Rhum Très Vieux VSOP 'Réserve Spéciale' is a blend of selected 'Rhums Agricoles' which have been aged a minimum of six years in oak (traditionally in used American Bourbon casks, but now also including some French Limousine oak barrels). Due to the hot, humid, tropical weather found in the French Indies, so ideal for sugar cane growing, alcohol ages much faster than in northern climates and rhum is considered 'vieux' or 'old' after as little as three years. The vast majority of rhums are sold and consumed much sooner, so any rhum stock kept six years or longer in wood is quite rare and prized. This climate also significantly reduces the life of a wooden barrel and they must be constantly inspected and often repaired or changed.
The aroma of Saint-Etienne Rhum Très Vieux VSOP is distinguished by intense, woody Bourbon cask notes, mingled with coffee and chocolate. On the palate, the vanilla and coffee flavours are mingled with spicy candied exotic fruit and bee's wax. It is best appreciated at the end of a meal as a digestif, as one would enjoy a fine cognac, armagnac or single malt whisky. This special VSOP represents the true skill of the rhum-blender's art.

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