HSE Rhum Extra Vieux XO

HSE Rhum Extra Vieux XO

HSE Rhum Extra Vieux XO

Producer: Rhums Saint-Etienne


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70cl 43% abv (86 proof)

2007 - Bronze Medal Winner at the Paris Concours Général Agricole
2007 - Silver Medal Winner at the Brussels World Competition

Rhum Vieux Saint-Etienne XO 'Grande Réserve' is made by carefully blending extremely old rhums from reserves at the Habitation, including those distilled in 1960! This is truly the connoisseur's blend: it has a beautiful amber color with a noble aroma presenting warm notes of old leather and sandalwood with touches of black pepper, ginger and nutmeg. The palate is rich with vanilla and woody notes, and finishes long with sweet creamy notes of exotic fruit and spices. As with the VSOP, it is best appreciated at the end of a meal as a digestif, and would be the ideal compliment to your finest cigar.

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