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Adnams Copper House Absinthe Verte

Adnams Copper House Absinthe Verte

Adnams Copper House Absinthe Verte

Producer: Adnams


Price (ex VAT at 20%) 31.66 (37.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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50cl 66% abv

London IWSC 2013 - Silver medal

Adnams absinthe verte is produced at their Copper House distillery in Southwold. It is coloured naturally and it is normal for the green colour to change and fade with age

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Adnams verte is a classically flavoured absinthe with a soft creamy flavour. The light lemon-lime green colour which resembles an extra virgin olive oil, is derived from hyssop and melissa.
On the nose, wormwood is to the fore with fresh grassy notes coming through, very fragrant. The louche is classic and slow forming but thick, with the green colour retained. Tasting reveals wormwood and hyssop and a creamy anise in the mid palate, the finish is long and satisfying. This is a classic absinthe verte with well-defined herbal components, not too heavy on the anise, with a crisp profile & just the right amount of wormwood.

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