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Absinthe l’Authentique

Absinthe lAuthentique

Absinthe l’Authentique

Producer: Emile Pernot

Price (ex VAT at 20%) 59.40 (71.28 Including VAT at 20%)

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70cl 65% abv

This is arguably one of the finest absinthes to emerge from the Pernot distillery in some time. Certainly the judges thought so when they awarded it top place in the Absinthes verte category at the 11th Absinthiades held in Pontarlier in October. Created by Dominique Rousselet, l'Authentique is a classic Pontarlier absinthe with a powerful bouquet of wormwood.

Extremely aromatic, this absinthe has a balanced flavour with the Pontarlier wormwood complementing the anise and fennel perfectly. L'Authentique is truely a connoisseur's choice for a well rounded, daily drinking absinthe.

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Customer Reviews

  Authentique  authentic Absinthe is a very glamorous to be able to smell, be immersed in the mood elegant drinking. Flavor is slightly spicy finish remaining after the sweet, refreshing drink is a mouth.   (03/07/2012) the bar nano.nakata - sapporo-city,Hokakido,Japan.

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