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Absinthe Brevans A O Spare

Absinthe Brevans A O Spare

Absinthe Brevans A O Spare

Producer: Matter-Luginbhl


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50cl 68% abv (136 proof)

Gold Medal Winner and Best in Class at the 2009 London IWSC
Absinth-Bibel.de - 95 Points, 1st Place

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Absinthe Brevans A O Spare is the second absinthe in the Brevans series and, like the H R Giger, is also dedicated to a well-known artist, the English painter Austin Osman Spare, who died in 1956. The first batch was distilled on Spare's birthday (December 30th) and was released on April 3rd 2009. The formula was based on a protocol from the well known French distiller's manual "La Fabrication des Liqueurs" by J. De Brevans, dating back to 1897. It uses botanicals cultivated to ECO standards; no sugar or artificial substances are employed. The result is a nicely complex yet smooth, harmonic and mellow absinthe. We're sure A O Spare would have been proud and most likely would have enjoyed this absinthe himself! We would like to thank Ossian Brown for letting us use one of Spare's most important paintings "Astral Body and Ghost" for the label!

Colour: Deep, pleasant green.
Louche: Slow steady louche giving an opaque creamy green colour.
Aroma: Attractive fragrant nose with coriander, aniseed, alpine herbs and a slight hint of citrus.
Flavour: Full flavoured and perfectly balanced with all that the nose promised. Creamy velvety flow across the palate.
Finish: Long beautiful finish.

Customer Reviews

  BREVANS  After stimulation less, we will disappear, leaving the characteristic calm. Summarizes well the individuality of the raw materials.   (09/07/2012) the bar nano.tomita - sapporo,hokkaido,japan

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